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2015 Peterbilt 367 Tri Drive 22 Cube Tank Truck

March 16, 2016 1:17 pm
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Vehicle Details
• Cummins ISX15
• RTLO18918B Fuller Transmission
Equipment Details:
22 Cubic Meter (5,812 US Gallon nominal) TC 407, 316L Stainless Steel
Non-Insulated, Two Compartment (shared vent), Transport Truck-Mount
Tanks per the following:
Dimensions:  79.6” ID x 261” SW
Capacity:   22.81 Cubic Meters (6025.17 US Gallons) Max. Capacity to top of straight wall.
Compartments: Two compartment (16/6 Cubic Meters Front / Rear) with single vented bulkhead
& 2 Baffles Each Compartment
Shape: Straight Cylinder
Products: Light Crude S.G. =1.56
Maximum Product Weight: 13 pounds per gallon
Weight Laws: N/A
Product Temperature: 150 degrees F maximum temperature
Code Compliance: TC 407
Working Pressure: 25 PSI with 40 PSI test
Vacuum Relief :Based on the material thicknesses calculated for 25PSI this vessel is capable of
withstanding 10” of inches mercury of negative pressure
Tank Shell & Finish: 10 gauge T316L-2B stainless steel
Tank Heads: 7 gauge T316L-2B stainless steel ASME flanged & dished heads with single bulk
head near center to have 4” diameter vent hole at top of bulk head (7 ga. center
baffle between both compartments)
Inside Weld Finish: All inside welds discoloration removed
Outside Weld Finish: All outside welds discoloration removed, striped & abrasive wheel buffed
Baffles: (4) full 7 gauge T316LSS baffles with reinforced drain with pads at bottom, 4”
diameter vent at top and both sides, & 20” diameter reinforced walk-through
opening at center located equally spaced
Rings: N/A
Outriggers: 10 gauge T304 stainless steel
Frame Rails: Full length T304 stainless steel
Insulation: None
Manways: (4) 20” diameter T316 stainless steel full opening chemical manhole cover with 6
hold downs and Buna N gasket, hinge pin at front and located near center and
rear of each compartment:
Betts #8310-LC-10
Spill Dam: Common stainless steel sides with no floor
Spill Dam Hose: (2) 1 ½” diameter drain hoses located one per side at rear of spill dam:
Roll Over: Stainless steel, integral part of spill dam
Clean Outs: (4) Betts 10” lids
Vents: (2) total, 3” pressure/vacuum vents located near center of each compartment: 3”
Girard DOT-407 pressure/vacuum vent with
Tef-o-sil set at 25 PSI
Level Gauges: Titan TD-80 Fluid Probes c/w Titan Digital Display
Vapour Recovery: (2) 3” air to open & spring to close stainless steel emergency valves with shear
section elbow located one in each compartment. 3” stainless line top of tank
street side to rear and down rear head above rear frame terminating with 3”
TTMA butterfly and 3” male adapter and cap:
3” Betts #EV46110SSTS
3” TTMA Butterfly Valve w/ SS Disc/Stem & Teflon Seat
Air Unloading Line: None
Bottom Outlet: (2) 4” air to open & spring to close butterfly valves with shear section elbow:
Emergency Valve Operator: Air toggle levers in street side front tank cabinet for valves and vapor vents for
bottom valves. Remote fusible – toggle at street side rear of front fender
Valve Gaskets: Teflon Envelope
Piping: 4” SCH 40 316 stainless steel piping
Walkway: 12” wide aluminum grip full length curb side of spill dam with railing around
outside of walkway
Ladder: (1) 16” wide stainless steel ladder located on curbside with channel rung,
walkway and safety side rails
Rear Light Box: Stainless steel bolt on with 3 lights
Lights & Wiring: Truck-Lite LED lights with wire harness system and center directional lights with
wiring in 1 ½ “ DIA stainless tube from front head to front of running gear
Nose Box: Junction box as required to tie in truck harness
Fenders: (2) from tool box to rear head to shell seam T=304
Mud Flaps: Included
Bumper: TC Approved Stainless Steel
Tire Carrier: None
Hydraulic System: Airshift PTO with grease able spline option for fuller standard transmission.
Direct mount hydraulic vane style pump. Drum MH3 hydraulic cooler system.
Hose Carrier: (1) 4” high x 16” wide x 21’ long stainless steel hose trough with stainless steel
supports with slope to front with ¾” drain hose at front mounted street side
Thermometer: None
Paint: Prime and Paint all mild steel parts Standard Black
Conspicuity: 2” wide Retro-Reflective Red/White stripes on both sides and rear
Placard Holders: (8) stainless steel slide in style placard holders
Tow Hooks: N/A
Data Plates: Data plates to be stamped in Metric Liters and Kg Canadian operation with
CMVSS data plate and Vehicle Admissibility papers where applicable
Cabinet: (2) Stainless steel removable cabinets. Driver’s side, spray foam insulated with
dual squirrel cage heater. 4” T & E or Roper 4456H Product Pump with all
stainless steel piping and butterfly valves. Hydraulic orbital motor with friction
detent hydraulic valve.



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