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2019 Ford F550 4x4 4 Cube Stainless Steel TC406 Pressure Tank Truck - Coming soon!

March 25, 2019 5:17 pm
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Vehicle Details:
2010 Ford F550 4×4 Automatic Transmission Regular Cab

Equipment Features:
NAT 4 Cube Stainless Steel 2 comp, TC 406 Tank comes with rear TC spec bumper, valves, 2″ T&E pump, sumps and venting

  • PRATISSOLI HF25A, 80LPM @ 5000 psi
  • HANNAY Hose reel with100 feet of 3/4″ hose (hyd operation)
  • TITAN TD80 fluid gauges, 9100 Flo Pro and turbine meter
  • OMSI Splitter box, air shifted c/w PTO provision
  • All low pressure plumbing from tank to pumps in S/S
  • High pressure “Tree” from PRATISSOLI to reel including separate bleed backs to each compartment
  • Pressure gauges on both low and high pressure plumbing
  • BAIRD pressure relief valve plumbed into high side
  •  Piston Hydraulic system for pressure pump with separate speed and pressure control, tandem pump to run T&E
  • Hyd hose reel. All hyd hoses and fittings to plumb system
  • Custom fabricated Stainless HYD tank with in tank return filter and sight gauge for volume and temperature
  • Kick back safety valves installed on high side plumbing
  • Steel blasted and painted with Endura
  • Complete operators manual with warranties and parts list
  • Steel deck structure to house all components
  • Air compressor/ Tank for sumps and splitter shifting
  • Alum tool boxes both sides
  • Manual static ground reel with 100ft cable
  • 30 lb fire extinguisher deck mounted
  • Install hooks for tire chains
  • Install hose hangers on tank fenders
  • Supply & install backup alarm
  • Radio remote control for hose reel operation



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