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Drive Products is pleased to announce its Work Ready Vehicles available directly to it’s customers.

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Bay-lynx Material Spreaders offer innovative and superior quality products promoting and ensuring user ease. The Bay-Lynx Multicat Spreader is the ideal spreader to place Sand, Stone, Topsoil, and Mulch in difficult, ‘hard to reach’ areas such as basements, tile beds, slabs, tanks, and utility trenches, pools and more. The patented Load Suspension Beam along with the plastic liner allows you to evenly unload materials that would normally bridge or hang up in conventional machines. One operator can unload up to 22 tons of material in minutes and reach distances of up to 100′ feet from the rear of the truck.
Bay-lynx Material Spreaders are used by, Quarry Operators, Haulers, Contractors, Landscapers, and many businesses requiring quick and easy placement of a complete range of products.

Available in BC, AB, SK, MB, NB, NS, PEI, & NF.

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