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Thermal Transfer


Over the past 40 years, Thermal Transfer Products has manufactured & sold into the Fluid Power Market, over 4.2 million heat exchangers.

As part of the Thermasys family of companies, www.thermasys.com, we operate out of three divisions in Wisconsin, sharing design expertise, technological innovations, components, and Engineering & Manufacturing Processes.

TTP proudly holds the designation of being the #1 branded Heat Exchangers in North America, offering a wide selection of standard-catalog Oil Coolers for most industry applications.

TTP Keys to Success:
• Short Order Lead Times
• Product Quality
• On-Time Deliver
• Application Support Engineering
• Modular Manufacturing
• Lean Manufacturing concepts and principles
• Low Cost Country Sourcing Element

To be the best supplier of highly engineered copper/brass and aluminum heat exchanger components and assemblies

Leaders in providing OE -Low to Medium (non-automotive) unit volume in:
• Radiators
• Charge air coolers
• Oil coolers
• Cooling modules

TTP’s market focus spreads across several industries:

• Mobile
• Industrial
• Compressor
• Process

Our coolers are manufactured using primarily the following materials:

• Aluminum
• Copper
• Stainless Steel
• Steel
• Brass

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Thermal Transfer Company Overview

Oil Coolers P-Bar Series

Oil Coolers OCA Series

Oil Coolers BP Series

Compressor Series

Cool Loop Series


NEW! PVR Coded Series



No matter what your challenges are, Drive Products provides services that can solve them:

  • Custom Vehicle Rig-Ups
  • Fleet Programs and Services
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Manufacturing
  • System Engineering & Design

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DRIVE Products has extensive expertise in developing solutions for the following industries.

  • Bulk Transport
  • Custom Engine Cooling
  • Driveline
  • Oil & Gas
  • Forestry
  • Refuse
  • Snow & Ice Removal
  • Towing & Recovery
  • Utility
  • Wetline Systems

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