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The price of diesel fuel directly affects the bottom line of truck fleets and owner operators. Air heating and engine pre-heaters save big money in reduced fuel consumption and operating expenses. Eliminating the need to idle the truck for heat, they can offer an amazingly short return on investment.

The Alternative to Idling
Vehicles are meant to be driven, not idled. Idling a vehicle:
• Wastes fuel
• Wears out the engine
• Produces harmful emissions
• May be against the law

FACT: A truck can spend up to 40% of its useful life idling!

Make the Right Choice
Diesel fuel prices are on the rise, therefore the need to reduce idling is more important than ever. Provincial, Federal, and State regulations are also presenting restrictions to idling. Most importantly, reducing emissions helps reduce our environmental impact and the quality of air we breathe.

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Click here to access the Webasto Fuel Savings Calculator to see how much fuel savings you can realize with a Webasto product.

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